We are focused on marketing.

And on customer service too.

Our typical clients fall into two categories:

– Companies which do not have their own marketing departments and marketing activities are delegated to an employee to combine with his or her regular duties.

– Small and medium range enterprises which need an impartial opinion and assessment of their business. It is always better to put your product to the test one more time before receiving your customers’ evaluation.

Regardless of whether your project is short- or long-term, whether you need a brochure, a project for a website, a market research or a business plan, we will find an effective, result-oriented way to set you apart from your competitors.

Our approach is to focus on your real needs. You can make expenditures on marketing not all year long, but only when you need to.

Why outsource marketing services

You may have a good product. You have put a lot of effort into it, and continue to do so intensively. You have developed your own concept and designed the website, the brochure, the texts and everything related to the marketing of your product yourself.

You may think you have done a great job, but most probably things have gone wrong and this affects your sales.

What you need to know is that marketing is not any simpler than neurosurgery, and even the smalles wrong decision may have negative consequences. It is a fact that outsourcing professional services to professional companies saves money.

We aim to provide a real opportunity for companies to receive top-quality marketing services at an affordable price.