Your product is most probably excellent. And, unless you are a CIA analyst, secrecy and anonymity are not at all recommendable.

Let people learn about your product and inform themselves of its greatest strengths. This can all happen by means of a professionally designed website. It may seem simple and easy but, unfortunately, in reality it is never so. Let us consider what needs to happen so that people can learn of you and your website, log onto it and purchase your product.

–  Who should create your site? The truth is, that is not your job or your web agency’s: your site must be built by your clients, to their liking only and not to yours or anyone else’s.  This means that, before you commission the creation of your website, you should ask yourself who your clients are, why they would buy your product, and what message you want to convey to them.

  • How to write the texts? Your text is what will make customers decide whether to purchase your product or not, whether to like you or not. The key words in your text will give Google the opportunity to index your site so that it will come up higher in the search list and thus reach a wider audience.
  • You are going to build a site. You are going to put everything in it. And after you put everything in it, people will be confused and, not being able to find there the information they need, leave your site without leaving you their money.
  • You already have a site. You have done all the work necessary. Well, you have not – the work is yet to begin. To be effective, a website must contantly develop to keep people interested. To achieve that, you have to publish up-to-date information on new products, promotions, special offers, useful tips, frequently asked questions, and many more things. Creating a website without constantly upgrading it will mean you have wasted your money and your site will not only not fail to sell your product, but will also make a bad impression.