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We are focused on marketing

And on customer service too.

At Red Lemon, we combine efficient marketing services with excellent customer service, doing everything we can to stay ahead of the competition in what we do and how we do it. We are creative, open-minded, reliable and enthusiastic. We want to help you in what we know and do best – marketing services.

Commonly used services

We work for your business

Marketing plans

We offer the right marketing services.


Rise above the crowd and let people learn about your product.

Copywriting services

Websites, blogs, articles, brochures, technical texts, academic texts, etc.

Video marketing/Aerial photos

A high quality web video will increase conversions and traffic to your website.

Advertising and PR campaigns

We will research your potential market position and create an effective advertising and PR campaign.

Video advertising in YouTube

Planning, filming and editing video ads for YouTube. Drone aerial photography and video advertising strategies – you get everything from a single company.


About the Company

Първи офис

The idea behind the company

Having amassed substantial experience and climbed the whole career ladder in the corporate sector, my colleagues and I started thinking of setting up a consultancy business to work with companies in need of professional marketing services.

Combining our experience from telecommunications, banking and other sectors we had worked in, we achieved very good results, taking advantage of the lack of marketing consultancy services on the market. To our surprise, there was not a single marketing agency in Bulgaria at the time.

Lemonmark team

A successful business start

As with any new company, the beginning was quite interesting. Having registered Red Lemon Marketing, we started out with our contacts from the corporate world, whom we relied on in the first year.

Every business has its specifics and being a consultant is quite different from being a corporate director or head of department – we had to find solutions to numerous problems not usually encountered in a other working environments.

Lemonmark team sport wear

Developing the consultancy business

With time, the company built up a solid reputation and began working with ever more firms from various industry branches. Due to the confidential nature of our business, we can seldom affort to have two or more clients from the same industry branch, so we had to work with dozens of new products, specifics, requirements and technologies.

As a result, we now have considerable experience as marketers in various industries and are familiar with a wide range of companies operating in specific market situations with dozens of different aspects to their marketing activities.

Евгений Петров

Focusing on growth

Seven years after establishing Red Lemon Marketing, we can safely say that we know every aspect of our business. To our professional knowedge as marketers, traders and product managers in the corporate sector, we have added substantial experience in dealing with dozens of companies and their marketing problems in the real market world.

Our clients receive the best marketing advice and services possible in Bulgaria.

Video marketing and PR

Video marketing for our customers

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