Video, advertising, PR, good practices – these are all key factors for a company’s marketing. In 2018, 85% of internet traffic was in videos, which are easily understood by viewers and increasingly used by businesses.

Our company can provide aerial photography services or ready-made video clips. Website, YouTube channel, Facebook or Instagram, advertising or PR – video is applied effectively in many ways in marketing and its importance is fast increasing.

We also offer a special “corporate” package which includes designing a video, filming the material and post-production, right to the end product. Making video clips is no longer unaffordable and does not require renting film studios and hiring advertising agencies for tens of thousands of leva. You can get it all for the price of a single article in a reputable newspaper, and use it effectively in all marketing channels of your company. We offer a complete service, not just filming and editing. We will decide which advertising channel you need, create the concept of the advertisement, film and edit it. You get all of this in a single package from a single provider.

Send us your requests or call us to discuss your projects, ideas, and options for their realization.