Our price will suit you

Red Lemon Marketing functions as a replacement for a marketing department in your business. You may not need us on an everyday basis, but we will be at your disposal whenever necessary because we believe that transparency in our financial relationships is crucial.
Now that you have started considering costs, let us make it clear that a considerable part of initial expenditures are covered by Red Lemon Marketing. We invest time and resources to familiarize ourselves with your business and the manner in which you conduct it, the successes you have achieved so far, the way you sell your products and the type of clients you attract.
This means that when we start on a significant project such as a website, a business plan, an adveritising campaign, etc., we will have a comfortable and mutually beneficial partnership.
We charge for our services in two different ways – you pay either a monthly fee or per specific project/assignment.
When working on a particular project (e.g. a website), we carefully plan and manage the details at every stage of the project, making our services both effective and affordable.

Your satisfaction guaranteed

We are not a supermarket where you pay at the till. We are your partners and we have to be sure that you are satisfied with our services. If it happens that you are not certain of your satisfaction with the work we have done for you, we will pay attention to all your possible doubts and suggestions. If, at a later discussion of a given project, you are still not satisfied, we will not expect any further payment for that project or assignment.