We are focused in the Marketing.

And in the customer service too. 

At Red Lemon we combine excellent marketing work with the highest level of customer service. We are committed to being better than our competitors in our methods and the way we achieve success.. We are creative, spontaneous, reliable and enthusiastic to help you. We know where we are the best – in the area of the Marketing. 

Our typical clients


Why should you outsource marketing activities?

Our typical clients can be divided into two groups:

- Small and medium-sized companies whose marketing activity is often identified and driven by their owners.

- Companies who don’t have their own dedicated  marketing department and so this role is taken on by somebody who is combining it with their other duties.

It does not matter if your project is short or long-term  if you need anything from just one brochure to a website project, market research or a business plan we will find an efficient and results-oriented way to set you apart from your competitors.

Our approach is oriented to your requirements. You need only spend money on marketing when you need it, not all through the year 



You probably don't have a bad product. You've  probably put a lot of effort into it and will, intensively, keep doing so. You will have prepared the concept and the map of the website on your own. You have prepared the brochure, the text and everything else to market your product.

You might think everything is wonderful but probably nothing has changed since then and that is damaging  to your sales.

In fact, you should know, marketing is no simpler than neurosurgery. The smallest wrong-decision in either leads to negative results. The truth is that the outsourcing of  professional activities to professional companies saves money.

Through our services we can provide a real opportunity for companies to receive a first-class marketing service at an affordable price.  


What we do?

We form, we create, we add and reach your goals …

Clients and Projects

Websites, PR Campaigns, brochures, market research, business and marketing plans …

Our Partners

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