Marketing services for investment projects in Bulgaria

Our company offers marketing services to foreign investors who want to invest in Bulgarian projects or already have investments in the country.

We all know how important it is to have a real insight of the market, companies, competitors, risk areas and all other aspects of an investment in a foreign country and you can count on us to deliver this information.

Another aspect of a foreign investment are the specific requirements in the legal, financial and accounting areas and knowing these provide security to our partners and their investment in Bulgaria.

When investing in a foreign country it is important to have an independent partner whom you can trust and who will provide you with analysis and advice for building your business. Our team will be happy to discuss your business case and will work together with you in order to safeguard your investment.

For more information, please contact our financial expert Velislava Bray.

Name Velislava Bray


Telephone +359(0)887811893

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