We offer the right marketing services.

There are a lot of consultants and agencies who offer marketing services to small and middle sized businesses. In fact they are mostly PR agencies, Web Agencies or Advertising agencies. For most new or small companies the services they offer are beyond what they can afford and, what’s more important is, these agencies only cover separate aspects of the marketing plan without looking at the picture as a whole or, understanding all the needs of their clients.

How much would it cost you to hire a full-time Marketing Director, Product Manager Marketing Communications Specialise or a whole marketing team?

By outsourcing your marketing activities to an outside specialist you will gain the advantages  only a dedicated professional team can offer such as:

  • Speed;
  • Focus on the performance;
  • An opportunity to have proven professionals working for you at an affordable price, even for a small business. In return, you receive the marketing power of a big corporation, regardless of the size of your company.
  • We save office space, sick days payments, welfare benefits, labour contracts, taxes, bonuses, managing the people and a lot more expenses incurred by your business.;

A personal account manager who will look after your tasks.

What we do?

We form, we create, we add and reach your goals …

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Websites, PR Campaigns, brochures, market research, business and marketing plans …

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Through our partners we offer you services through all areas of marketing ...
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