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The creation of a structured marketing audit is not usually in the list of  urgent tasks for most companies. The expense that an audit of this type can cost is clear for everyone to see. Still, our practice as consultants shows us that a detailed marketing audit is an absolute  necessity if you are to creating an effective marketing strategy.

As a result, this audit is a key feature of the way we work with our clients. If you make a mistake at this point the whole strategic marketing planning could go in the wrong direction. Because of these reasons we have developed an easy and fast way for you to receive initial analysis of your marketing activity. 

Why does Red Lemon Marketing provide you such free services?

To be honest, we want to do business with you, if not now, then maybe at some future stage. We are hoping that if we help you now to understand how your marketing or website is working and how they can be improved when it comes to these improvements, you will think of us.

How long will this take?

Generally speaking, you will receive the requested analyses within three business days. If we need to prolong this period we would contact you.

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