Red Lemon Marketing.

A new and modern company, Red Lemon is positioned as a marketing agency which focuses on new, small and middle sized companies that don’t have their own marketing department, but need qualified professional and cost effective services to promote their brand, products and services.



Who are we?

We look at the business from its practical and applied side. Whether it is about a single project like a website, creation of a brochure, preparing a business plan, advertising campaign or overall marketing service of your company, we can give you a competent  solution for the actions you cannot do on your own or you don’t have time for. You can turn to us to confirm and systematise your good practice and give an assessment of products, markets and plans with an external and unbiased fresh perspective. 

The business as a chess party.

In fact the business has nothing to do with the chess. By itself it is a process of creating something – a product, a service, an idea… and on this process you must know what, when and why you do it. After that, there will be only a few things that will surprise you.

It does not matter to anyone, how academically the marketing can be defined – the only thing that matters is the growth in sales and the increase in profits or, the expansion of market share.




We are marketing consultants who help small companies thrive. 

Red Lemon Marketing was founded in 2010 as a company offering a one-stop-shop marketing solutions to new, small and middle sized companies. We want the small and middle sized business to not only survive, but to bloom. Our team can help it, working with you to make decisions on how you want your business to look like after a few months.

Our approach as marketing consultants it to give you the best and  most cost effective marketing solutions so you can be sure that you will get the desired result for your business. 

A little about our Managers
Evgeni Petrov – Books/Bike/Photography
Aneliya Mircheva - Journeys/Music/Chanel
Ivan Pavlov - Apple/Skiing/Cars

We founded Red Lemon Marketing after over ten years of working in managment positions in different industries but, mainly in IT, telecommunication and banking sectors. After cooperating with tens of different web, advertising agencies and marketing consultants we knew that there is a market niche for an effective and professional marketing services specialising in small and middle sized companies – something we believe in even more today.  

However, the advantage of our company comes from the enthusiastic and smiling team of specialists we employ in every field of our marketing team, from sales to the financial analysts. They are the people who will work for you. :)


Company presentations

Company presentation
Company presentation
Company presentation - Red Lemon Marketing Ltd.
Company presentation
Company presentation
Company presentation - Red Lemon Marketing Ltd.


Evgeni Petrov
Evgeni Petrov
“The Business requires insightful solutions and leadership. It requires discipline and innovation. In addition to that it needs respect and good sense of humor, I even dare to say it needs luck too.” Sir Richard
Aneliya Mircheva
Aneliya Mircheva
“The only way for you to succeed is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep searching … Like all the things from the heart you will know when you find it.” Steve Jobs
Ivan Pavlov
Ivan Pavlov
Expert in the areas: Sales, Marketing and Business Development. Over 15 years of professional experience in the Telecommunications sector in Bulgaria.

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We form, we create, we add and reach your goals …

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Websites, PR Campaigns, brochures, market research, business and marketing plans …

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